Great interior design is achieved through a perfect balance of uncompromised aesthetic and function.


As a full-service design firm with offices in Northern Virginia and South Florida, Syntha Harris Interiors is known for creating deeply personal, elegant and functional spaces, while pushing the creative boundaries and achieving uncompromised aesthetic.

Fashion Meets Interior Design

The visionary and the creative force behind the boutique firm is Syntha Harris. For over two decades Syntha worked as a runway and print model in the fashion industry. Surrounded by style icons and influential members of the industry, Syntha had the unique opportunity to be a part of the creative process and behind-the-scenes in making fashion. Her accomplished career in fashion has made a significant impact on Syntha as an interior designer with a trained eye for all things style and a meticulous attention to detail.


She cultivated her passion for design during her time working for numerous European and American fashion houses. Realizing her passion for designing living spaces, she pursued her education in interior design at Marymount University and founded her design company in 1996, focusing on upscale children’s rooms. As demand for her services grew, she has expanded her expertise to design the entire home – undertaking large scale idea-to-execution design projects.

Unique Design Approach

Syntha believes that design is a deeply personal endeavor, intimately connected to her clients’ tastes, needs, desires, and aspirations. With finesse and creativity, Syntha artfully transforms her clients’ visions into tangible spaces, skillfully blending elegance, functionality, and efficiency, resulting in a profound emotional bond between individuals and their homes. Her expertise spans various design styles, from traditional to contemporary, Mediterranean to craftsman, and she adeptly incorporates modern elements like mixed metals, faux leather, and textures into timeless design principles. Syntha draws inspiration from the worlds of fashion, art, and travel, infusing her innovative interiors with a rich tapestry of influences.


In recognition of her talent, Syntha was honored as the winner of the Casa Fiora International Design Competition. Her work has also appeared in industry publications like Home and Design Magazine, DC Modern Luxury, Bethesda Magazine, Washington Post, Northern Virginia Magazine, and Washingtonian.

Interior Design
Syntha Harris


Design Philosophy

Our clients are central to the design process. As we move through any project, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, desires, aspirations, lifestyle, goals, and personalities. Great design is informed by every single one of those elements. It is an intricate balance of aesthetic, function and efficiency. At Syntha Harris Interiors, our goal is to translate what matters to our clients and design a perfectly curated space that is timeless, elegant, rejuvenating and welcoming. At Syntha Harris Interiors, we design intimate connections between people and their homes.

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