With Syntha Harris Interiors’ design expertise, creative vision, and thoughtful and elegant space planning, the experience of transforming your home will be as enjoyable as the design itself.


Every new project begins with a complimentary Discovery Call with Syntha, the Principal Designer of Syntha Harris Interiors. The Discovery Call consists of a brief overview of your project, a discussion on what the design process may entail and a conversation around budgets and timelines. At the end of the call, which may last up to 30 minutes, a client walks away with an understanding of who the designer is, how we can work together, and the next steps in the project.


This meeting is an important step in any project, regardless of size, scale or complexity. Whether you are looking to design a single room, renovate or build the entire house, or are simply looking for design advice, the initial consultation will provide both the client and the designer with the necessary clarity and direction.


This package is for someone who understands the value of an interior designer and is looking for a plan and guidance around the next steps in their design challenge. During the 6 hours with Syntha you can get professional design advice and suggestions for any burning design questions in the comfort of your home or the location that requires design. At the end, you will have an actionable plan ready to be implemented.


This package is for someone who is looking for professional design recommendation on demand, a second set of eyes, or expert advice for a design-related dilemma during a bigger scale project, or as required. Sold in blocks of 10, 15 and 25 hours, and used for design advice on an hourly basis. See Designer for a Day package for an overview of potential design challenges to be discussed.


With the DIY Design package, you have access to Syntha Harris Interiors designer to visit your location, obtain measurements, review creative ideas and inspiration photos, and have your conceptual design created. Your design will include a floor plan to scale, along with furniture placement, specified sizes and recommend fabric and colors for each of the pieces. You will also get help with developing a shopping list, accessories, rugs, and artwork.


This full design service package takes care of your project from concept to completion. Syntha Harris Interiors will offer expert designer advice every step of the way, provide inspiration and manage all aspects of your design project, including concept and scope development, budgeting, obtaining site dimensions, color consultation, along with product procurement.

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